e- Insurance Account Opening and Policy Conversion Process
e-Insurance Account Opening Process
  • Fill the e-Insurance Account Opening Form https://nir.ndml.in/pdf/ndml-form-opt2.pdf. Alternatively, you may fill online e-Insurance Account Opening Form https://nironline.ndml.in/NIR/onlineEiaApplicationHome.html.
  • Enclose KYC https://nir.ndml.in/registration-for-nir.htm documents to e-Insurance Account Opening Form.
  • Submit e-Insurance Account Opening Form along with the KYC documents to the nearest Approved Person https://nir.ndml.in/ap-details.htm. Alternatively, you may submit the form along with supporting documents to the branch of Insurance Company for which you hold insurance policy.
  • The Approved Person /Insurance Company will verify the e-Insurance Account Opening Form with the originals of KYC documents and process the application. Kindly carry originals of KYC documents at the time of submitting the form to Approved Person.
  • NSDL Insurance Repository will open the e-Insurance Account and communicate your e-Insurance Account number, login id and process to set your password.
  • You can access your e-Insurance Account with your login id and password.
KYC Documents required while submitting the e-Insurance Account application form
Concept of Authorized Representative

Authorised Representative is a Person appointed by an e-Insurance Account holder who can access the e-Insurance Account in the event of the e-Insurance Account holder’s demise or in his incapacity to access the e-Insurance Account.

  • New concept introduced by IRDAI
  • Will act as messenger to nominee
  • Custodian to the e-Insurance Account
  • Different from nominee in a policy
  • No financial benefits
  • Limited access only upon demise of the e-Insurance Account holder
Policy Conversion Process
  • Once e-Insurance Account is created, insurance policies can be converted into electronic form.
  • Fill Policy Conversion Form https://nir.ndml.in/nir-prossess.htm.
  • Please ensure that separate Policy Conversion Forms are filled for insurance policies of different insurance companies.
  • Submit the Policy Conversion Form to
    • Nearest insurance company branch (Policy Conversion Form should be submitted to the insurance company for which you hold policy).
    • Nearest Approved Person (AP) https://nir.ndml.in/ap-details.htm
    • Courier to us at:
      NSDL Insurance Repository, NSDL Database Management Limited, 4th Floor, 'A' Wing, Trade World, Kamala Mills Compound, Senapati Bapat Marg, Lower Parel, Mumbai-400013 (INDIA)
    • Scan and email at helpdesk.nir@nsdl.co.in and forward hard copy of form to above address.
  • Existing physical policy documents are not required to be submitted along with the Policy Conversion Form.
  • Upon receipt of policy conversion request insurance company will credit the policy in your e-Insurance Account.
  • You will receive SMS and email alert informing credit of the policy to your e-Insurance Account.
  • You can submit Policy Conversion Form along with e-Insurance Account Opening Form.
Write to Us at
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